What is The RAG?

‘The RAG’ is a brand new communications outlet concerning major environmental and human rights challenges, such as climate change and biodiversity. 

We, humans now find ourselves in unprecedented times with a multitude of crises weighing down on us all over the world. We are in the midst of a mass extinction event, the oceans are warming faster than expected and there are increasing violations of the rights of activists on the front lines working to protect forests and fragile ecosystems. 

Through ‘The RAG’ we will help you to know more; share more; to talk more; and most importantly, to learn more.

The RAG is for people who want change.

We are a dynamic group of experts in environmental and human rights issues, from law to policy and science, actively working on these issues on a day-to-day basis. We are situated in countries from across the globe. We are advocates and activists, lawyers, scientists and friends for the environment and improvement and protection of human rights.

Through ‘The RAG’ we will bring our expertise and share our understanding of current issues, ranging from the circumstances of communities that live in the last remaining rainforests around the world to the political and inaccessible negotiations that are happening in the halls of the United Nations.


Stephen LeonardEditor

Elizabeth CrespoAssociate Editor

Savirra AlaydroesContent Manager

Shilla A. MikailaContent Executive

Our Contributors

Our smart and dynamic team of contributors represent a diverse range of fields and a wealth of experience in their respective areas of work.


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